SphereServer Pre-releases

These builds are made when the developers think it is time for a new testing build - such as when new features are added or a series of bugs are fixed. The time these builds are made completely depends on that. Don't ask us to release new builds, we will do it when we find the time is right. We will try to release builds for every supported operating system, but it is not always possible because of compile errors or because the version is so unstable on a specific platform that it is useless until fixes are made.

You can help us by reporting any bugs you may find in these versions on the GIT repo issue page.

The entire SphereServer team thanks you for your testing efforts!

SphereServer 0.56c Pre-releases

This version is in feature freeze and will only receive bugfixes. When critical bugs are fixed this version will be released as stable.

Build date Platform SizeDownload
April 10 2016 Win32 1266761 bytes Download
April 10 2016 Linux 1345780 bytes Download
April 10 2016 Scripts 4194948 bytes Download

Other files

These files might be required to run some of the builds offered for download here.

File description Size Download
MySQL library
1167360 bytes Download
Windows Image Helper
1030144 bytes Download
17923 bytes Download

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