---- 0.55a --------------------------------------------------------------------
---- * date unknown

new crypt for clients up to 2.0.7
2.0.7 client has strange problem with text containing - or _ in UNICODE speech modes (this can crash the client in some cases)
	UNICODESpeech=off will fix for english.
3d beta client support.
use verb serv.server.0.name
bandages only for gm's
Steal Looting corpses
line numbers for errors where not accurate - ftell() is not accurate in text mode !!! does not work with fseek to get you back to the same place !!!
CHECK cant feed pets ? not GM's
Ghosts can't equip scriptable timers ? timers don't expire.
block type [REGION] changed to [REGIONTRIG]
added key RESOURCES= to [AREA]
added new block type [REGIONRESOURCES] in sphereregion.scp
ANIM with backwards and TimeDelay = invis in all other clients (client bug really)
x You put the logss in your pack
x. Also you can smelt Chaos and Order shields to get gold and blackrock ingots in mass amounts with no or little work.
x. Also with the guild stones, you can recruit the guildmaster making him a candidate and 
	take over the guild stone and kick everyone out. Warring guilds tend to make mules and do this sort of thing.
18. Many guild bugs. Players can be "half-way" in a guild now. 
	The result is other waring guilds are now orange to you and 
	you are blue to them. They can be half way in the guild two 
	18.1. Have the guildmaster never accept you fully in. 
	18.2. after the guildmaster accepts you in, don't click the stone. You can actually end up half way in a guild with your guild tag on. 
19. Another guild bug is people will make a charater with 10 str 
	and then join it to a guild thats either Chaos or Order. 
	Then go attack greens, the player will auto attack back and 
	easily kill the player with 10 str. Thusly giving them a kill
	they get guard killed and a near by guildmate loots the corpse of the person that got attacked by the guy with 10 str. No criminal tags are incured on either the looter or the attacker due to the fact that the target was green.

---- 0.55b --------------------------------------------------------------------
---- * date unknown

XBank and XCOLOR problems.
test inscription 
DUPE limited to MaxItemComplexity
X (seems ok, script issue ?) word Bank dont work
immunity to ones own spells.
X (seems ok to me) defname of types don't work
x no loss of ar-value on unequipping armor or another item, but unequipping works correct with xedit 
X (seems ok, script issue ?) scribing scrolls no longer check to see if magery is high enough to scribe a scroll
x The same with weapons like bow, you can shoot with the unequipt bow after unequip...
X ( seems ok) .shutdown 1 says it will, but never shutsdown :)
X returnvalue for functions . see i_test_rand_ret
slight damage to mining tools as used.
@SkillTry to @SkillStart

---- 0.55c --------------------------------------------------------------------
---- 15/03/2001

sphere list sorting. non letters and repeating letters
X Equip / unequip items that mod skills.
X (Seem ok ) overly heavy iron ingots ?
X Check - listening equipped items.
prevent NUKE command target in pack.
x test poisoned horse dies while ridden.
x change mapresources causes critical error on resync
CanSee and CanSeeLOS triggers for items
change unreasonable timer max length to 90 days. was 2 hours !
ADD items directly into pack by targetting other item in pack.

---- 0.55d --------------------------------------------------------------------
---- * date unknown

X  tag.morep_1= works
X Check i_rune_book
remove MENU_ADMIN, replace with gump and FUNCTION
test output for scripts and logs should use the \r\n text mode. NotePad will work again.
SKILLDEF effects
missing SKILLMAKE=BLACKSMTIHING x.x for item 01b73 (i_shield_buckler) in sphereitemb5.scp
SPELL_Reactive_Armor = effect_Lo and Effect_Hi = random max percent reflected damage.
Crypt for 3.0.0

---- 0.55e --------------------------------------------------------------------
---- 21/03/2001

X Taste Id doesnt work at all it doesnt give a message period.	
burn vs. smelt. flame effect ?
X -npc speech color not working properly 
SEEMS OK = no kindling from trees -dagger on tree doesn't yield kindling "this is not a tree"   
SEEMS OK = Problem with resources on Multiple planes, not getting any? Problem in map file maybe?
X Polymorph not working  
SEEMS OK TO ME - When creating a t_script item, buying off a vendor, not to have the t_script attributes, 
	the TAGS do not appear to working through the ON=@CREATE .
X Need the @LOGIN @LOGOUT trigger
x Backgammon board has chess pieces  
X All drinkable potions create a gold coin in pack instead of empty bottle (probably script TDATA value).  
? CLIENT UPDATE BUG? - when u set an amount as a gm it doesnt set the whole stack-it leaves the original 1 and then gives u the diff in a different pile	
-NEED to do UPDATE now - couldnt .set flags statf_nightsight 
	-Setting colors of cchar objects is very strange, I would color my zorn, but no refeash commands would show me the color, when I mounted it, it turned the right color.	
- CANT CURSE self - curse, weaken, clumsy, feeblemind all consume regs but have no spell effect (no reduction of stats)  
new command SAYUA Color, Mode, Font, Lang, Text
- dices can roll a "0,0", "0,x", "x,0"
SKILLBEST or SKILLBEST.1 to get the best ranked skills
X unicode speech must add lost of "......" , or it will not be displayed.  "......." amount = unicode words amount - 2  
TEXT problem with new client versions 2.0.7 ?
Yawn anim ?
Fix items that should decay but lose timers.
Eval Int message
TRUE - Drink one potion, then drink a different one - second one drank overwrites the first potion's effect. (IE, poison yourself, drink agility - now agile, but no longer poisoned at all)(all potions, same thing)  
TRUE - Var.x=rand(nnn) doesn't save output of Random function (so a number since 0 to nnn-1) but it save the function.
	Should use Var.x =   rand() only works bare if it's an 'if' or other known math function.
i_shield_wood shield made of only wood.

---- 0.55f --------------------------------------------------------------------
---- * date unknown

Repairs now require some of the components of the item.
Double fame when order pet to attack.
GM equipping item to NPC.
Stealing can fail
Stealing can get you caught.
-archer npcs AI three steps to fire 
X Shovel is destroyed really fast if you mine 

---- 0.55g --------------------------------------------------------------------
---- 29/03/2001

BUG - missing reags = success. ? 
LASTUSED for player chars. seconds
CHECK -Seems ok = released animals still follow their owner
CHECK -Seems OK- Spawns seems to be hovering around their spawn point and not moving
[SKILL] all 0 to 100 percent.
DELAY=2.0,3.0 // per stroke.
ADV_RATE=10.0,200.0,800.0 = reveresd from old.
Bandage washing not working (it seems so anyway might have to wash them somewhere else)
NPC re-lighting torches a million times ?
Ingot smelting yield for one ore is 1.
x) If in war mode, summon a animal, you end up fighting yourself
Healing - you get two messages about applying bandages when you heal yourself/anyonelse  unequip on heal  healrates totally screwed up 100 heal 100 anat = crazy healing	
SECTOR.RAIN SECTOR.DRY weather transition problem.
remove "Rune to:" header
CAN'T FIND THIS- they don't count fists or daggers as a criminal offence, 
	thus getting the npc's to attack them and making the npc grey and free to kill.
CALL FOR GUARDS WORKS FOR ME - Just hit the blue npc or player one time in war mode. The aggressor WILL NOT
 be flagged criminal until the victim die. Or the aggressor can go in peace
 mode and let the blue attack. The blue will become grey to him and finally
 the aggressor will kill the blue and loot him without any problems. I tested
 it, it works. Some players seem to use this for kill any blues in town.
NOT ON SELF = curse, weaken, clumsy, feeblemind all consume regs but have no spell effect (no reduction of stats)

---- 0.55h --------------------------------------------------------------------
---- 04/04/2001

CHECK - OK - refresh potion
keys to houses going blank
3) Hatches on boats wont open?
4) No Keys for tents boxes (Fixed this problem by adding a sign to the multi)
TAGLIST for multi, script, account, cchar
x loot while hidden
player use bandages on self,-> get 2 messages
Stealing off corspses still works, should never be able to steal off a corpse
murderer and criminal titles capitalized.
the bug appears if the archery butte is linked to an item. if the item it is linked to is dclicked, the archery butte reacts as if itself had been dclicked.  (Same with pickpocket dips and training dummies and alot of other things).
With GM or PC, if you try to fill a keg with potion you get the you cannot use this yet message. I have a mortar and pestle. Tested at GM alchemy skill for both GM and PC.
In UO3D, if you log into an account that has no characters, you get a message
	that says "You already have 5 characters".  -- Fixed AD 3/31/2001.
Increased maximum item name length to 256.
The teleports in the map script, like entering dungeons should not allow NPC's to travel through them unless they are pets. This will keep monsters from harder levels roaming to easier levels.
CHECK - .sayua x,x,x,x,test -- Works, but was returning false, so it would say "Not a valid command or format"
It seem the off duty vendor brain act though it's just a vendor that has ran out of goods..
Party System reveals your account name (not password) to any person you ask to join.
CHECK - OK - 55g deletes all shrinked npcs on startup?
CHECK - OK - kills down by 1 each login ?
Can't attack things u can't see.
fix silly torch dupe AGAIN !

---- 0.55i --------------------------------------------------------------------
---- * date unknown

.ACCOUNT name ADD password changed to .ACCOUNT ADD name password
working tool tips
x A way to check if skill requirments when casting like IF (==i_arrow) something like that
x Poison needs to release a paralyzed person
x Item i_fire is being picked up by players when being created suring smelting
set color will not update imediately
5) Resources in Other Mapplanes like (1) and so on (MAP.SCP Attached)
6) Undefined Symbol error on region tags in housing.... Look at lines 4270 & 4263 in sphereitem_housing.scp

---- 0.55j --------------------------------------------------------------------
---- * date unknown

uid.x.name is broken
UNICODE to UTF8 convert for LINUX
syntax error with "	if ((<0) || (>1000))"
port +1000 for the accounts ?

REGIONRESOURCE add REAPAMOUNT = range of amount to find in 1 try.

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