11-11-2003, Zorm
Fixed dye anything, now has to be a dye tub
Added checking to strings to prevent exploits
Candle dupe has been fixed
Layer_horse can no longer be picked up by players
Messages in message boards can no longer be picked up by players
Stats max on create character raised from 66 to 80, allows new prof.txt
Now checking colors for pants and shirt when creating a character
Added more checking to a players name when creating characters
Teleport effects should no longer harm players
Pets now clear all old owners when getting a new one
Fixed showing of hp to other players
Administrator account is no longer auto admin
If you attempt a command and can't use it it comes out as normal speech
death menu option is no longer sent
guild mates no longer give you a kill count/karma/fame when you kill them
speech support improved. If you send unicode text it is handled throughout as unicode
non unicode text is sent back out as unicode text

12-11-2003, Kell
- Added @CallGuards as a propper trigger, "return 1" cancels guards being called
- Changed @Logout so that "return 1" disallows instalogout.
- Added support for the following TAGs on characters:
  TAG.NAME.ALT (alternate name, good for incognito effects)
  TAG.NAME.PREFIX (alternate prefix, if not set, defaults to Notoriety prefix - lady/lord)
  TAG.NAME.SUFFIX (suffix for the name)
  Note that a space isn't added for prefix or suffix on purpose, to allow text to be
  glued to the name. You can add a space by using quotes, as in: TAG.NAME.SUFFIX="text "
- Using open door macro now triggers double click event.
- @DClick is now triggered on NPCs BEFORE attempting to mount, paperdoll or open
backpack ("return 1" cancels)
- If REAPAMOUNT isn't present, AMOUNT/3 will be used (it won't just default to 1).

13-11-2003, Kell
- Player characters with conjured flag get unmounted and the flag removed on death. Useful
to leave no corpse behind ( under ON=@Death : flags =  | statf_conjured ). This would
be better as a server setting.
- Fixed spider webs remaining for days, and spider silk too (increased item count too much)

14-11-2003, Zorm
- Fixed client 1.26.x, it may now log on a 55i server
- Updated addbark, addbarkunicode, addbarkspeechtable to follow OSI better

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