08-01-2004, Kell
- Fixed VERBOSE=1 causing a catrazillion errors at boot.
- .CAST and .TELE won't show "bad command" sysmessage when they fail.
- If TRY/TRPY are called with an invalid command, they will send the error to the console and not to
  the player. This is coherent with how scripts should behave.
- Fixed NPCs not starting with max stats when MAXxxx is used.
- Fixed .admin showing only your own IP.

09-01-2004, Kell
- .serv.account unused xxx  delete
- .serv.account add test // missing password will no longer crash
- killing characters with positive karma (actually, it's about commiting a crime, not karma)
- .info not returning to dialog after changing a value (actually, INPDLG wasn't returning to dialog)
- flags on UIDs preserved (040000000 for items, 0d2000000 for skills, etc). GLOBALS renamed to WORLDVARS
  due to this (won't go into details here).
- SERV.LOG fixed.
- Fixed plevel 1 players seeing other plevel 1 hidden players
- Added USEHTTP=0/1 in sphere.ini, to disable/enable the built-in HTTP server.
- Added USEGODPORT=0/1 in sphere.ini, to disable the port opened at +1000. As far as I can tell, there is
  really no purpose for that port except taking in connections, much like the standard port you set. So it
  ships disabled by default.

10-01-2004, Kell
- Fixed a bug where redefining a base type (one in the TYPEDEFS list in spheretables.scp) could lead
  to a crash.
- Added a way to assign a TYPEDEF to a terrain type. This means you can define what terrain types are
  water, for instance. Example:
    [TYPEDEF t_water]
    TERRAIN	= 00a8	00ab
    TERRAIN	= 0136	0137
  This information is then used by ISNEARTYPE (and it has effect on all the hardcoded behaviour)
  when trying to assert if there's t_water around.
  Notice that ISWATER checks wether a terrain type is t_water, whereas  would check
  for terrain, statics and dynamic items.
- Changed TYPE when called on an SERV.ITEMDEF.xxx.TYPE to return the typename, and not just a value. So
  when called on an water item it should return t_water, and not "30". This also has affect when using
- Fixed not being able to access properties of TARGP, as in  or .
- Added "TYPE" to the keywords available on a point. It uses the information above to return what item
  type is the terrain at that point. So you can do TARGP.TERRAIN.

11-01-2004, Kell
- Changed .info command to show the type associated with the terrain (t_normal if none).
- Wrote sphere_types.scp - it is a REQUIRED script, as it associates terrain IDs to item types. This
  replaces the old hard-coded behaviour (which by the way, was slower). By replacing it, I see no
  need to keep the old code, seeing as all you need is to have this script, which will be distributed
  from now on.
  Add sphere_types.scp in spheretables.scp right after sphere_defs.scp.
- Removed ISWATER, ISGRASS, ISROCK and ISDIRT commands from points (they were introduced in R3). Please
  use TYPE instead. For instance, use ( == t_water) wherever you'd use . Some might
  have grown attached to these commands, but unified and coherent scripts are certainly better than
  different methods for doing the same. Besides, this offers a lot more control (e.g.:  == t_lava)
- Added ISNEARTYPE to the keywords accepted by points. So you can do  and
  that will effectively test terrain type, statics, and dynamic items. This is probably what most people
  will want to use, seeing as P.TYPE only test for terrain (and not statics or dynamic items).
- Added EF_New_Triggers (010). If set, allows the use of @NPCActFight, @NPCActFollow, @NPCLookAtChar
  and @NPCLookAtItem. This flag was added because even having these triggers *might* have some impact
  upon performance in very busy shards. 
- Removed a "Weird layer" message from whenever you equipped an item to layer_hidden. This is quite an
  useful layer for people wanting to expand their shards, so there's really no reason for this error.

12-01-2004, Kell
- Fixed "b" in console not working.
- Added DISTANCEYELL, DISTANCETALK, DISTANCEWHISPER to sphere.ini - a value of -1 turns it into a

13-01-2004, Kell
- The @Create trigger for items works as any other item trigger - it can be fully scripted.
  After a LOT of work, you can now also check for SRC under item's @Create. There are situations where
  an item can be created without an SRC, but in most cases, there will be one. Eg:
  ON = @Create
     if (  )
        SRC.SYSMESSAGE You have created an item!
  Bear in mind that @Create is created before the item by the server, so it can still suffer transformations
  after it's been created. Particulary, you won't be able to REMOVE an item under a @Create trigger - it
  will have no effect.
- Added ISEMPTY and ISNUM. Eg: > or >. 
- Added STATICS.FINDID.xxx - it will take you to the ITEMDEF of the static item with the supplied ID
- Added @ResourceTest to REGIONRESOURCE sections, called once for each resource in the region that the
  character is able to find.
- Added @ResourceFound, triggered after a resource has been selected (@ResourceTest has been called for
  all resources available). ARGO is the resource bit to be placed at the location. "return 1" keeps the
  resource bit, but sets it to be empty.
- Added DEFMESSAGE section for scripts, allows setting of strings to be used by the server. More will be
  added - work in progress. You now REQUIRE a script with these strings.
- Fixed RESOURCES.xxx.val and .key.

19-01-2004, Kell
- Fixed a bug with getting stuck on stuff.
- STR, DEX and INT are always equal to O + MOD (for the relevant stat). If you have OSTR=50, MODSTR=10 and
  then do STR=70, you will get OSTR=60 and MODSTR unchanged.

21-01-2004, Kell
- Changed max height difference on CanSeeLOS from PLAYER_HEIGHT/2 to PLAYER_HEIGHT, so that you can access
  chests on top of a table.
- Removed the password being shown on console when a password error occurs.
- Made .x* and .set* commands respect PLEVEL. You also need plevel to use the "SET" command to use .x and .set
- Slightly smarter NPCs against field spells - they will avoid them more often depending on INT.
- Fixed another spot where SRC was undefined in @Create (there might still be more of these).

23-01-2004, Kell
- Fixed buying multiple pets from animal trainers.
- Fixed a bug in FOR where counting down wouldn't work (eg: FOR 10 1 works now)

24-01-2004, Kell
- Fixed bug with NPCs going stale (their timer going -1) - particulary pets.
- Fixed @Effect in SPELL sections to work and have same arguments as @SpellEffect.
- Added SPELLFLAG_SCRIPTED (010000) so that one can more easily override the default behaviour of

25-01-2004, Kell
- Fixed yet another exploit, with sending a hacked Author in books (tks Balkon)
- Added PROMPT_MSG to SPELL sections and disabled the hard-coded messages. You'll have to fill in the
  prompt messages for the spells.

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