30-05-2004, Kell
- Little fixes to allow compile under Linux (use strcmpi() for caseless string
  comparison, and add casts to (LPCTSTR) on CGStrings).
- Changed version number. I suggest using R4.x.y where xx is increased when
  something major is done and yy is for little changes. Set to R4.0.1.
  (ps: some people never quite understood what RC* means. After the 20th it
   stops being a release candidate, it's more like a candidate to a release
   candidate. So after the "powers that be" have adopted and turned that
   numbering scheme into a mockery, I suggest we change to something less

31-05-2004, Furio
- Added FORCONT loop, format is FORCONT uid_of_container max_sub_containers. It
  will loop on every item present in the container. If max_sub_containers is not
  present it will search in all subcontainers. If max_sub_containers = 0 - it
  will search only in this container. (Thx to Balkon for the base code for
  container loops)

07-06-2004, Furio
- Made a blank REVISIONS.TXT because it was getting pretty big.
- Added XOR (^) operator to expressions.

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