12-06-2004, Furio
- Added two new INI value USECRYPT and USENOCRYPT. The first if 0 don't allow at
  encrypted client to login otherwise allow them to log (default is 1). The
  second if 0 don't allow at unencrypted client to login otherwise
  if 1 -> allow and suppose that the clientversion is >= 2.0.0
  if 2 -> n/a
  if 3 -> allow and suppose that the clientversion is >= 3.0.0
- Added the most requested security-by-obscurity feature DISGUISEVERSION in
  sphere.ini. If set change the version outputted to clients, ircserver,
  webserver, listserver, telnetserver to its value otherwise the default build 
  value is used. (Mind that the version in savefile and in console startup is 
  the default build version)
- Fixed (i hope) bug with Mozilla/Firefox browser with the status page
- Fixed a buffer overrun bug that could be exploited to crash or run arbitrary
  code, in the log system.

20-06-2004, kuch
- Added ClearTags function (removes all the tags from the char/item/account);
  Revital did most of the work, but I get the credit.

28-06-2004, Furio
- Fixed multiple gump exploits. In order to do this now memory 08000 is used as
  internal memory (is called MEMORY_GUMPRECORD).
- Fixed and refined things for disguise version feature.

02-07-04, kuch
- Added MODMAXWEIGHT: allows you to increase/decrease max carrying capacity of a
- Added MODAR: allows you to increase/decrease the overall AR of a char
  NOTE: there are no oStat equivalents (ie oModAr or oModMaxWeight) for the
- Also added the following to avoid possible confusion:
  * AR - same as AC
  * MODAC - same as MODAR
03-07-04, kuch
- Added 135 more strings (mostly from skills) to sphere_msg.scp
- Added new .ini option: WOOLGROWTHTIME: how long in minutes it takes for wool
  on sheared sheep to regrow.
- Added new .ini option: SKILLPRACTICEMAX: how high can you train a skill on

04-07-04, kuch
- Added 93 more strings: NPC speech and skill msgs; there are now 329 string 
  messages in sphere_msgs.scp.
- Added TAGCOUNT function (works on regions/items/chars/accounts) - returns the
  number of tags on that obj
- Fixed CLEARTAGS (now also works on regions)

06-07-04, kuch
- Fixed some weird bug in jobmage.scp and jobnoble.scp 
- Added a lot more strings to sphere_msgs.scp; If you find any bugs with them,
  kuchervano@hotmail.com me immediately!

07-07-04, Furio
- Fixed DISTANCEWHISPER not working correctly.

07-07-04, kuch
- Added DEFFOOD value to sphere_defs.scp - this is a template of items you want
  to get by casting the create food spell; Yes it does not give you a great deal
  of control over what you get (ie skillbased for example), but its better than
09-07-04, Furio
- Fixed bug with ^ operator.

16-07-04, Vjaka
- Fixed bug with armor/weapon when hits were above to hitsmax.
- Cosmetic fix to report Client out overflow error line once per dialog instead
  of tons of them.
- Added trigger function f_onchar_delete triggered before client is going to
  delete a character. SRC is char, return 1 denyes deletion.
- Added trigger function f_onaccount_login triggered after client entered the
  password, ARGS is account name, return 1 disconnects.
- Added spell flag SPELLFLAG_PLAYERONLY 020000 which denies spell being cast by
  npc ai (no more npcs casting shrink if not wished to).

17-07-04, Vjaka
- Added @NPCLostTeleport to trigger before NPC is going to be teleported back to
  its spawn (by LostNPCTeleport sphere.ini setting), ARGN1 is the distance from
  the spawn.
- Added INI switch PAYFROMPACKONLY (default: 0). If set to 1, then buying stuff
  from vendors will search pack only for the gold.
- Added @Hunger to trigger before char is going to loss a food level. ARGN1 is
  the food level that will be set, return 1 cancels.

19-07-04, Vjaka
- Removed IRC server from default build settings. It is buggy, has holes inside 
  and probably should not used by anyone.
- Reverted memory information profiling in Win32 version (stability testings).
- Fixed NoMessages and Quick login mode (ARNG1/2 in @Login) now skips sphere
  version information and Welcome back.. prompt.
- Fixed some exceptions for ticking events. Some division by zero removed, and
  the exceptions are made less critical (actualy the way they should be - quite
  local). It means that the server should be more stable now. Also they gives
  usualy more information on when the error occured.
- Added @StepStealth triggering on each step made by person in stealth. ARGN1
  (in and out) - whatever to reveal him or not.
- Added isnumber(something) - returns 1 if it is a number (only number of radix
  10 suits). Useful in argtxt validation.

19-07-04, Furio
- Fixed compatibility issues with Linux for isnumber(something).
- Added TAG.DIALOG_NAME to MEMORY_GUMPRECORD. The tag contains the name of the 
  dialog opened. Special case are the .admin gump (clientlist), the hair dye
  gump (hairdye), a guild hardcoded gump (guild) and if no name is found
  (undef). Hope that this will help in checking what gumps are opened on client
- Added SDIALOG command. It works like DIALOG with the difference that it'll
  open a dialog only if it's not present on the client screen.
- Fixed a thing in DISGUISEVERSION. Now .[x]show version shows the disguised

20-07-04, Vjaka
- Fixed compatibility issues with Unix for exceptions
- Added MODAR (MODAC) working on items as well. Now it is for both items and
- Fixed startup sequence - now tryes to bind a socket before loading the world
  saving time on running multiply instances.
- Fixed Windows version buffered output flushing. Also removed log file

21-07-04, Kell
- Fixed some compilation issues under Linux (just missing some (DWORD) casts).

22-07-04, Furio
- If PAYFROMPACKONLY (default: 0). is enabled, in the char status only gold from
  pack is displayed.
- Fixed minor things on default messages.

22-07-04, Vjaka
- Added server state functions f_onserver_save, f_onserver_save_ok and
  f_onserver_save_fail. Arguments are ARGN1 - force save? and ARGN2 - save stage
  (for background saves). For f_onserver_save the ARGN1 is writeable and return
  1 cancels the save.
  Please note, that if background saves are enabled, these functions will be run
  tons of times during the worldsave process (at least 6144 [sectors amount]
- Added f_onserver_start function triggered server start.
- Created knownbugs.txt file to be distributed with sphere revisions.

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