23-07-04, Vjaka
- Added some more exceptions debugging. It is going deeper and deeper to engine.
- Added MAXITEMCOMPLEXITY (default: 25) - the amount of items in one tile so
  start showing "too many items here".
- Added MAXSECTORCOMPLEXITY (default: 1024) - the amount of items in one sector
  to start showing "x items too complex".

24-07-04, Vjaka
- Removed instant logout in guarded areas. use REGION_FLAG_INSTA_LOGOUT instead 
  if you wish instant logout.
- Added console commands history of 5 latest commands in Windows version. You 
  can scroll them using UP key.
- Added one minute delay after take of an item from trade window before 
  accepting the deal.

25-07-04, Vjaka
- Added smsg/smsgu shortcuts for sysmessage/sysmessageua (note, that msg already
  existed as a shortcut to message)
- Added SKILLCLASS properties - if written like SRC.SKILLCLASS.NAME, returns 
- Started doing ARGVCOUNT and realised that  is the amount of ARGV[x] 
  variables. Noting that as not found in revisions.
- If player speech longer 5 chars and has 75% capital letters inside, it will 
  come out in lower case. Works for english chars only. And as for unicode - if
  EF_UNICODE is set.
- Added GUILD properties:  returns 0 or guildstone UID,
   returns guild name
- Removed all old PLOT bit stuff. Use EVENTS instead
- Changed CLEARTAGS - it takes optional argument, clearing tags only if matching
  the string (does not support wildcards)
- Added HITS and MAXHITS to items (same as MORE1L and MORE1H). Note: this is
  valid for armor and weapon object.
- Telnet has a username. So, Administrator or RemoteAdmin login left for local 
  logins ( if LOCALIPADMIN enabled

25-07-04, Furio
- Hopefully tracked down and fixed the arrow bug, and similar problem derived 
  from NEW (big thx to Handred that finded the point where start looking at for
  the fix).

26-07-04, Vjaka
- Fixed broken TEVENTS read method on chars.
- Added QVAL(test1,test2,res1,res2,res3) in addition to current 
  variant. It is useful if dealing with numbers without many IF-s. Sample 
  ,,,,)> will return
   if  < ,  if they are equal, and 
  if the it is greater. If some of the arguments are omited like qval(1,2,,3) it
  will default to zero.
- Changed REGISTERSERVER to default an empty string. If you wish to register to
  list.sphereserver.net, specify REGISTERSERVER=1 or it's host.
  staff (use hex id of object or 0 here) (default: 03709 for staff, 0372a for

27-07-04, Furio
- Fixed an issue with MOVE/XMOVE command.

27-07-04, Vjaka
- Added command line switch -Gpath/to/saves/ to defrag sphere server UIDs. It
  is done because sphere UID management routines has flows which makes not to
  reuse empty uids, but generate new, higher. Howewer, space for lower unused
  objects is still reserved. It saved 400Mb me (from 600Mb on start to 180Mb)
  working for 2.5 hours, but caused all mounts to disappear, maybe some more
  flaws. So, use on your own risk. In future versions for 4.0.x Furio is going
  to improve the uid subsystem and this will not be needed anymore.

28-07-04, Vjaka
- Changed FILELINES to close the file and READFILE if line number is too big.
- Added DISMOUNT verb on char to dismount him, MOUNT to get UID of ridden one.
- Fixed an issue with SERV.CLIENT.x. causing exceptions.
- Removed 0.55R from version. It is a complicated notation. It's 4.0.x now.
- Fixed MODAR not updating armor class if changed on char or equipped item.

29-07-04, Vjaka
- Limited allshow to MAXCHARCOMPLEXITY*4.
- Fixed issue when telnet connection could not do resync load after pausing.
- Account now has TAG.LastLogged with his previous login date. It is shown upon
  login if quick/no-messages login not selected (by @Login trigger).
- Fixed msg_criminal to be shown only if person is not a criminal yet (lags).
- Added read-only COMP reference for multis. Returns amount of components when
  called with no params, and has attributes: ID,D,DX,DY,DZ (D mean delta).
- NPC wishes gold and vendable items (not limited to desires listing).
- Added ARGN2 to @NPCLookAtItem (writeable) - the percent level the the NPC
  wish this item. If set high, he can loot the item.
- Added GMPAGES and GMPAGE.* verb to access gm pages from scripts. You can
  give arguments like you do to .page command, and use 2 specials - DELETE to
  delete even not-taken one, and HANDLE [uid] to mark gmpage for character.
  Also GMPAGE.x.HANDLED field returns UID of person taken the gmpage.

30-07-2004, Kell

30-07-04, Vjaka
- Speed optimisation working with strings & possible some stack overflow out.

31-07-04, Vjaka
- Fixed several spells (like mark) casting in not allowed region when running.
- Fixed KILLS removal using multi-uo client.
- Changed @Logoff to take 2 writeable arguments: ARGN1 - linger time and ARGN2
  instant logoff flag. Return 1 in logoff is now obsolete.

01-08-04, Vjaka
- Added triggers @MurderDecay (ARGN1 - murder count that will be set, ARGN2 -
  decay time to set for the next kill) and @MurderMark (ARGN1 - murder count
  that will be set, ARGN2 - set criminal flag?). The names are descriptive.
- NPC is now trying to move objects blocking his walkpath. He also investigate
  the possibility to loot this item in several cases. Triggers look@item not
  called since if there are tons of items in the spot, it will be very laggy.
- Added @Rename trigger (ARGS - new name, ARGO - target char) when renaming a
  pet. Return 1 cancels. Also triggered when creating character.
- Items with ATTR_STATIC are now saved to spherestatics.scp and NOT SAVED by
  standart world save. So, you need to call .serv.savestatics to save them.
- NPC is now trying to cast good spells as on self and his combat friends also.

02-08-04, Vjaka
- Calling guards are now more speed optimised.
- Defrag mode now supports spherestatics.scp and is much faster.
- Changed FACE and SALUTE to take an optional argument - target object.
- Characters on the way do not disallow GM to place a house anymore.
- Items gets stacked one on the other witheen some height if possible.

03-08-04, Vjaka
- Exceptions catching fixed, some stack information added.
- Added CLEARVARS being same as CLEARTAGS.
- Fixed CLEARTAGS to work normal without arguments.
- Now VENDORMARKUP is taken from region tags if not found on a vendor.

04-08-04, Vjaka
- Default messages working optimised for speed. Removed OF_SkipUndefMsgs.
- Removed OF_Skill_DiffFirst since the actdiff is calculated in any case.
- Started implementing EF_Pathfinding.

05-08-04, Vjaka
- Fixed SERV.ITEMDEF reference to object not being currently in the world.

06-08-04, Vjaka
- Added SERV.resync to resync scripts without the resync delay.
- Now adding a new account automaticaly fills (FIRST/LAST)CONNECTDATE.
- Added @SkillMenu to trigger BEFORE calling any hardcoded skillmenu. So, you
  can return 1 to cancel the action. ARGS - the name of the menu, is one of:
  sm_polymorph, sm_carpentry, sm_bowcraft, sm_tailor_leather, sm_tailor_cloth,
  sm_bolts, sm_carpentry, sm_cartography, sm_tinker, sm_summon, sm_blacksmith,
  sm_alchemy, sm_cartography, sm_inscription.

07-08-04, kuch
- Finished the conversions of default messages into the new format: this should
  greately improve the execution speed.  Also updated sphere_msg.scp to fit new
  format.  Read the comments inside the file to get more more infomation.

09-08-04, Vjaka
- Added DISGUISENAME to alter the name of the server.
- Added REPLYPEERCONNECTS (default 1) to allow masterserver and peer connects.
- Fixed duplicating hungry messages search.

10-08-04, Vjaka
- Fixed NPC moving some items not actualy blocking their way.

11-08-04, Vjaka
- Added console commands auto-completion on using TAB key. File sphere.dic is
  read for the list of definitions. Note: this file SHOULD BE sorted (at least
  witheen each separate first letter) to multi-matches to work correctly.

12-08-04, Vjaka
- Added @ItemCreate triggered when an item (ARGO) is created by a client.
- Added auto-completion to telnet connection. The difference from winconsole is
  that it fills the word up to end ONLY if there is exact 1 variant, or if
  other variants contains this one in self.

13-08-04, Vjaka
- Optimised sysmessages - now nothing is sent to client if the message is empty.
  This is useful to clear default messages. If wish to scroll line, use space.
- Fixed exploit to crash clients by renaming pet with some special color. Thanks
  TheLegbra reporting that.

15-08-04, Vjaka
- Added EF_Script_Profiler (08000) to add information on functions usage for
  weak places (functions or triggers) to be optimised.
- Added EF_Size_Optimise (010000) to save WORLDITEM/CHAR/SCRIPT as W*. This is
  not much for now, saving 7+ bytes per object. Loading supports any method.

03-09-04, Vjaka
- Added OverSkillMultiply (default 2). When player skills/stats goes this times
  more than skillclass allowed, drop them to skillclass level. Setting this to
  0 disables the action.
- Added ACCOUNTS BLOCKED/JAILED arguments. Works exactly like UNUSED, but just
  applyes to the blocked/jailed accounts only.
- Only chars in mapplane where the player is are ticked now (lag reduction).

04-09-04, Vjaka
- Added ## command to console to save both world and statics.
- Added X# command to instant shutdown the server with world/statics save.
- Changed "commands uid=... (name) to ''" to show amount if above of 1.
- Server startup crash fixed

08-09-04, Furio
- Fixed issues for the Linux build.
- Disabled information abou "Key" on OnTriggerRun exception for compatibility 
  problem on the *Nix build. (temporary solution)
- Added .pid file (sphere.pid) on *Nix build, for those who want to write bash
  script for checking sphere process easily.

08-09-04, Vjaka
- EF_Pathinding is working perfectly making NPC to select a best path. Howewer,
  for maximal speed it is yet checking only static objects blocking his path.
  More testings on the speed needed before making it to include dynamics checks.
- Fixed Counselors losing their invis status after worldsave.

10-09-04, Vjaka
- Memory information is now got from system routines instead of internal one. It
  will cause this info to appear in UNIX builds, howewer, it will be not be in
  WINDOWS systems where PSAPI.DLL is not available (fe: Windows 95/98/NT4.0).
  Also this makes ALLOCS useless, since there is no way to get it.
- Added CLIENTS property for sectors and regions to get active clients count.

11-09-04, Vjaka
- Added EF_Clients_Thread (020000) to split clients handling to to other thread.
  This will work only in windows build and is not recommendable to change on fly.
  This is VERY experimental yet, since sphere is very singlethreaded by design.

13-09-04, Furio
- Fixed memory information on Unix. Now it uses two different methods to get
  memory information depending on *Nix system where sphere is running.

13-09-04, Vjaka
- Fixed functions profiler to strip off arguments of a function.
- Fixed console commands like ##, x# showing unknown keyword error in console.
- Fixed murder count set always to 1 by @MurderMark.

14-09-04, Vjaka
- Fixed LOCALs in f_onserver_start/f_onchar_delete.

18-09-04, Vjaka
- Code cleanups, removed some useless (not enabled keywords), same keywords grouped
  to one variant for usage for faster work lookups:
  SAFE->SECURE (VerbKeys)

20-09-04, Vjaka
- Fixed errors on load if setting VERSION for saves to start from litera.
- Fixed paths in resource testing commands.
- Added EF_Minimize_Triggers (040000) to call as little triggers as needed by a minimum.
- Removed some declared but unused triggers.

23-09-04, Vjaka
- Removed unused EF_Allow_Override (it was not working anyway).
- Added OF_Advanced_AI (including moving objects in the path, helping friends by magic,
- Renamed EF_Client_Thread to OF_Multithreaded (0400)
- sphere.pid file is now created in Windows builds as well.

25-09-04, Vjaka	
- Removed ADDNPC since it is already integrated with ADD command for both items and npc.
- Removed some more duplicates (some really strange) to speed up lookups.
- Added showing of option flags on start.

26-09-04, Vjaka
- Removed different mail operations not working and other code cleanups.
- Bugfix: Disabled moving gold coins to vendor stock (items shifting).
- Bugfix: Disabled moving static/immovable items from ground, spell effect.
- Bugfix: Disabled gaining spell effect by ghost other than ressurection.
- Bugfix: Mounted creature will leave no corpse on death if died while mounted.
- Bugfix: @DeathCorpse is called only if corpse is really created.

27-09-04, Vjaka
- Added ISSTUCK keyword to check if npc can move to N/W/E/S dirs.

29-09-04, Vjaka
- Optimized OF_Advanced_AI, makes NPC to remember the path, recalculating it
  not so often (depending on INT).

30-09-04, Furio
- Added OF_Advanced_LOS (0800) this disable EF_CanSeeLOS and EF_DiagonalLOSCheck
  and enable a new method to check the LOS (still testing and optimizing).
- Fixed some compatibility problems with Linux build.
- Now Linux build is compiled statically, so no more tons of version linked to
  different shared library for each distro.

30-09-04, Vjaka
- Fixed Windows build issue.
- Removed EF_CanSeeLOS, EF_DiagonalLOSCheck, moved that to default LOS checks.
- Bugfix: unable to resurrect on too low strength. Now gets 1 HP at least.
- Average profile information is now saved to worldsaves and loaded.
- Option and Experimental flags are now shown in text on .show command.

03-10-04, Furio
- Optimized some parts in OF_Advanced_LOS.
- Fixed Linux build issue.
- Added ISTEVENT for chars (npc/players) working like ISEVENT 

04-10-04, Vjaka
- Regions now does not conflict if are in different mapplanes (useful for new
  maps support). You can also specify RECT=left,top,right,bottom,map in the
  rect record, specifyed the exact map for this rect to work.
- Started redoing the code to support multiple maps. This will invalidate old
  mapplane feature which was 0..255. This is affected mainly by teleports and
  moongates since many of default ones had 255 mapplain specifyed. You should
  change it to 0, since this is only for map0.
- Added MAP property same as MAPPLANE (in future MAPPLANE will be removed)

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